O.k., it was like this.  It had been a long day.  After 10 hours out of the house I arrived home exhausted.  I lay on the floor, too tired to think, unaware of anything.   After a while I realized that my sweet puppy, Shelley, was standing over me, intent watching, ready for any words of instruction that might issue forth from me.  ‘Help’ crossed my mind, but to be honest, I was enjoying her presence near me too much to even say that.  And then I realized a beautiful truth . . . . . . . I am her master.  She is ALWAYS watching me.   No matter what room I am in, she positions herself so she can see my face – so she can be ready to do my bidding.  Her eyes rest on my face.  Does it give the Lord that same amount of pleasure when my eyes are resting on Him alone, waiting for the next word from Him?  I want to position myself so that I can see the Lord all throughout this day.  I want to know His voice so well, that I can hear a whisper from Him at any moment.  May I be attentive to Him THIS moment.  Thanks for the lesson, Shelley.Shelley, my Golden

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