I’ve always said that my life is so much bigger than I am.  I guess that’s true, because when you are following the Lord, and relying on His strength to get through the day, then it’s really possible to do more with Him, than I could have done alone . . . . . .

We had a fabulous weekend.  Leigh Anne & Joe Creighton and their boys came over on Saturday night – we laughed and had such a good time.  They are planning to move to Colorado and I’m so glad we had the evening together.   This week I poured myself into the piano, because I wanted to do better this week – picking up more diddly bits off of the recordings that we listen to.  I LOVE TO PRAISE and it is such an amazing privilege to get to play and sing every week and in some small way, lead others into worship of our very GREAT God!  I LOVE IT!!   Anyways, after church I would usually come home and crash, but our neighbour, Molly, has just had surgery, and so I stayed up to make some bread and some vegetarian chili – while I was doing that, Rebecca Whisnant called to say she was driving past our house, on 20, and could she bring her missionary friend, Nina, to meet us!   What a privilege to meet people who have poured their entire lives into the Lord’s service!    We had a great visit.  She is also a musician and having lived overseas for even longer than us, we had a lot to talk about.   Then we ran to the church (actually we drove) for the ‘SOUPER BOWL’ evening at the church.  Yes, we were an hour late, but still got to taste the chili that several men made for the competition.  We just hung out and talked together and loved everybody else’s children.   It is such a wonderful church – I love these people more and more all the time!   I joined the ladies’ Bible Study – we’re going to be going thru the book of Esther, with the Beth Moore study and DVDs for the next 10 weeks.   I’m already trying to do the Beth Moore, ‘Trusting God’ series with Anne, so I think my life is about to get even BUSIER.  Oh dear. 

This morning I got up, got the children started on school, and then spent the morning doing my Walton Feed order.  Yes, I joined the Cumming Co-op – there can only be 100 members, so I feel really happy to be a part – My order was over $300 but that food will last me a year I should think.  Things like 25 lb of popcorn, and 50lb of wheat, etc etc.   After lunch I crashed for THREE hours in my wonderful bed.  I woke up and realized that I had missed teaching Kate and Heather piano, so I arranged to teach them tomorrow, and took Shelley for a walk.  Let me just document this – it is the 9th of February, and it felt like spring out there.   Warm enough to not wear a coat – I felt like a little girl walking my dog, and think I even had a touch of spring fever!  I went down to Terri Millwood’s house to see what countertops she was going to choose – they had a fire in their kitchen and their insurance company is paying for new counters!  Then, Heather and I went to Publix to do our Monday couponing shop.  I spent $27 and saved $40.   That was good.  I have 15 unopened boxes of cereal – don’t think I’ll buy any more for a while . . . . . . . One interesting thing from the weekend – I grocery shopped on Saturday because we were having company in, and spent $57.  I’m not shopping on the weekends any more.  Not as many deals, and buying stuff because we want it, rather than because it’s on sale.  It’s still bugging me, that I did that.  O.k.  I’ll try to get over it.  🙂

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