Hi there sweet mother,
We had a FABULOUS weekend.  Not much rest and reading, like I had hoped, but great food, sweet fellowship, beautiful beaches and fun shopping.  We were treated royally and I am just so thankful for these guys and their families that have been standing with us these 25 years.   What a blessing to have friends like that!
We went to a restaurant, twice, on the beach that reminds me so much of some of the restaurants that you and Dad and I went to in Hawaii.  The kind that are perched right over the water and have no glass in the windows.   You would have loved it, Mom!! 

Destin Sea Gull
Destin Sea Gull

On Sunday, we went to the church that supports us, in Destin – Village Baptist.  We love them so much.  I joined the ladies Bible Study for Sunday School, and then joined the girls and Wyatt for church.  The pastor and his family and the missions director, Darla, took us out for a Mexican meal for lunch.  Then I had a long nap and Wyatt went shopping.  That was his first ‘down time’ – he had been so busy.  For supper we went over to Curtis and Rita’s.  They are so good to us.  Curt and his girlfriend were there and we laughed until we cried. 
Elizabeth enjoyed her friend, Mary, who flew in from St. Louis with her Dad, for the board meeting.  That was a nice treat for her.  Heather did some amazing shopping in Destin, and several people commented on how stylish she is!  
Anne did really well without us all weekend.  She babysat, went to a movie, helped out at the church and got Frank where he needed to be, on time.  We had lots of good phone conversations and I think we talked more than if I had been at home!  Anne is amazing.  She is constantly serving and helping.  When I came home today, from Timothy, she had put a hot water bottle into my bed.  She helped me take my coat off, and then sent me in the right direction.  I just realized a few minutes ago that she had loaded the dishwasher and now the dishes will be clean in the morning.  What a treasure she is!
Frank had a fabulous weekend with the youth group in West Virginia, snow boarding.  He came home asking if I would support him, if he started leading a Bible Study here, once a week, for the younger teens.  I’m so happy that the Lord is working in his life in such amazing ways.  When we came home last night, F.W. and Elizabeth actually hugged each other.  Who says miracles don’t happen????!!!!
We got home at 11 p.m. and then got up at 6 a.m. to begin a Timothy day.  Needless to say, when I got home, I crashed and slept until 7 p.m.   Then I did my Bible study with Anne – it has a DVD to watch at the end of every 5 lessons.   So we watched that.  Then I pulled all my music for Sunday. 
Now I’m going to have some hot chocolate and try to get to bed before 1 a.m.  Pray for our school please.   At this rate we’ll be finished the school year in July – and everyone else is finishing in May! 
I love you lots, miss you lots, and am praying.  Will be in touch soon.   
Your surprise . . . . . . .

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