Dear Mom,  I’m so glad I can tell you about my day.  Remember when I used to knock on your door at 11 or 12, to come and sit on your bed – and you NEVER said you were too tired to listen.   What a great Mom I have . . .

Today was a FUNNY day – and it wasn’t that I laughed very much, either.   After such a long time here in the States,  today I felt like a foreigner all over again.  When you have to ask questions about simple things, people assume you know nothing at all about those things, when really, you may even have more experience and knowledge than they do, but they just use different words to express it.  And because you have to ask, they assume you know nothing.  Oh well,  a lesson in humility, right?

We had a fabulous weekend away for the women at church.  My soul was so deeply fed on the Word of God – we learned about ‘LOVING WELL’ and how it all starts with letting the Lord love me deeply; or rather, letting Him into my life and experiencing His amazing love.  We talked about how we can get so busy serving and loving others, that we don’t take time to feel how loved we are.  And every woman knows that if she doesn’t feel loved, in her marriage or in any other relationship, it’s harder to express love to others.  So, I was reminded that I am SO DEEPLY loved by the Lord.   By the way – SO ARE YOU!

Because I am so busy at home, I don’t seem to have a lot of time to just ‘walk’ this life with many other people.  Boy, am I thankful to the Lord for the Praise Team at church.  We may not have time to talk deep, but we are walking together, so that’s all good.   I’m praying for opportunities to get close to people, but there’s just not a lot of time.   I know you’ve had to spend quite a bit of time alone, so I know you understand.   I’m not complaining, just wondering if this is just my space in life right now.  When the kids were little, I did SO much with other people.    I’m having to sleep a lot too, and that seems like such a waste of time!  Am I ever thankful for my feather duvet and comfortable bed.   God has been so good to us.  That kettle is boiling right now, to make another hot water bottle . . . . .

Remember how I said I really wanted to play for funerals?  No, I haven’t got a job, but a dearly loved mother of one of our church members passed away last week after a very long illness.  I have the honour of playing for her funeral, this coming Sunday, even tho I never had the privilege of meeting her.   I really do love to play and make music – my main motivation in this case will be to encourage the dear family who are dealing with so much right now. 

Let me say, before I forget, that Wyatt said that the highlight of his trip to Canada was to see you, Dad, Deb & Brian.  To have Dad KNOW him and be glad to see him was such a GIFT – an unexpected gift – after all I had told him about the illness.  Praise God that He loves us so much and has such creative ways, daily, to show us!!

Here’s a picture that Heather took, for her photography class.  She is getting to be quite the little photographer and I’m proud of her.  


Guess I better go to bed.  Tomorrow, after school, I teach two piano lessons and a guitar lesson, if I’m up to it.  I also really need to clean up around here.  I WON’T send you a picture of our house right now.  It would embarrass me. . . . . .

I love you as much as any mother could ever be loved.   I wish I showed it more.  You are precious and in my thoughts all throughout each day.   This was serious stuff tonight.  I’ll be funny tomorrow . . . . . . .

Your devoted daughter,   Vicki-Lou

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