Why you’re amazing.
1.) You are always so determined to be kind, sweet, and positive no matter what happens.
2.) You are a great baker/cook. You put a lot of hard work and love into the food you prepare and it really comes across as in the homey/cosy, good food you make. (maybe it’s one of your love languages ha ha)
3.) You may have insecurities about your piano playing – but it sounds so genuine and sincere. When I listen to you play it sounds like you put your heart and soul into playing… and who could ask for more? Plus, you keep improving more and more. Your playing always sounds good on Sunday, no matter how many mistakes you think you make – I really genuinely don’t hear most of the ones you claim to have made. You are amazing.
4.) Your whole outlook on life is so bubbly and endearing.
5.) You’re a persistent, good friend to those who at first might try and avoid friendship. In the end I’m positive they value you a whole lot.
6.) Despite your chronic illness – you never have let that stop you. You always persevere no matter what. You keep going even though all the obstacles that have been thrown at you. You’re SO incredible – don’t ever ever forget that. You put on such a brave face even when you’re feeling your worst. You, my dear, are amazing.
7.) You love peace and harmony.
8.) Your random fun fetishes – we wouldn’t have Shelley if not for that.
9.) You love reading and I thank-you so much for putting the love of books (and the classics especially) in me.
10.) That you put up with me ha ha


2 thoughts

  1. ” Her children rise up and call her blessed” Prov. 31:28

    I hope my children will write beautiful things to me someday!

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