It’s been months since I’ve written because this summer went by in a blur . . . . .

Let me recap a few of the highlights . . . . .

In June, Frank & Elizabeth went on a mission trip to Haiti, to work with John & Joy Thomas.  We also wrapped up school for the year at the end of June.   SO LATE for Georgia!!!!   We finished with 184 school days for the 2008/2009 year.

July was our full month of holiday, but was full of mixed feelings – thankfully the good came along side of all the bad, and God reminded us of His faithfulness and love, every step of the way.   Wyatt was in the U.K, and we realized that our sweet kitty – Birdie – just a year old, was very sick.  We found a WONDERFUL new animal hospital and finally found the care we were looking for, since we moved to the States.  It is called  Tri County Animal Hospital, and it is on Hwy 20, on the way to Cumming from our house.  Birdie was diagnosed with Feline Intestinal Peritinitus on the 29th of June, and we had to put her down on July 1rst.  Here’s a photo of her trying to eat, and have her ‘devotions’, on Tuesday, the 30th of June.   IMG_0251 Frank got up at 7 a.m., the morning of the first to dig a grave for her out in the woods behind our house.   When we brought her back, Shelley lay faithfully by the grave, nuzzling the little white picket face, that we put around it.   I’m sure she understood.  IMG_0261

Wyatt came home from the U.K. early on the 4th of July, and Elizabeth’s birthday was on Sunday the 5th.   Ken Bauer (from church) found us a kitten for Elizabeth, and we spent Sunday afternoon meeting some wonderful Canadians (who are neighbours of the Bauers) and choosing a kitten.  Here’s a picture of Allen Alexander Walker at about 10 weeks old.IMG_0279

Heather then went to Woodlands Camp for a week,up in the north Georgia mountain which she loved.  Here’s a picture of her with her counselor.  Midway Community Church paid our way to Camp this year, which was SUCH a blessing!!!!  God is good!IMG_0296

Frank began going with Mr. Bill (Massey) to No Longer Bound – A Recovery Men’s Ministry – He was playing the Congas for the men’s worship time (not for recovery himself  🙂  What a great experience for him!

Then there was the Midway Church ‘Day at the Lake’ where the kids got to play in the Lake and go tubing. Elizabeth is on the right in the top pic and Heather is on the right in the bottom pic.

July 2009 006July 2009 018

Anne worked as a nanny for 2 little boys in the neighbourhood in March and worked thru July.  One day we went for a walk @ Poole’s Mill, which was a GREAT find, not too far from our house.    It is the most beauty we have seen since Britain, we think, and we all love that we can go there with Shelley to relax.  Don’t know why we don’t go more often!!  Here’s a picture of us with the boys, Ryan & Sean King,  that day . . . . . IMG_0309IMG_0313

Grandaddy drove from Mississippi to stay a few days with us.   On the same day that he and Wyatt drove Frank & Elizabeth to Woodlands Camp, they drove Heather & I to the Atlanta airport, where we flew to Seattle, rented a little Honda Hybrid and drove to White Rock.  What fun!!!!   My cousin, Shelly Zacharias (nee Walker) flew out to see us for a few days – I had not seen her for about 35 years!!!!!!!   Incredible!July - September 2009 009

Here are some other highlights!

Staying with my wonderful Mother
Staying with my wonderful Mother

Redwood Park with our Lang cousins
Redwood Park with our Lang cousins
July - September 2009 024
spending time with sister Deb, and her family

When we returned we had just a few days to rehearse and tie up all the loose ends for the Summer Praise Evening Ice Cream Social on the 2 August.   It was a challenge and lots of work, but I LOVED it – it was worth every minute of practise!!!  Besides the joy of worshiping our Great GOD,  I loved playing with musicians who were AMAZING and having the NO LONGER BOUND men come to sing with us, and share testimony was a real highlight!!

We went to Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, to spend a weekend with the Snapp family.   It was SO much fun.   They pampered and spoiled us and challenged us all in our walks with the Lord.   It was an INCREDIBLE weekend.   Great food, amazing company

me and my friend, Marian
me and my friend, Marian

I smiled until the ride got SCARY!!      ha ha
I smiled until the ride got SCARY!! ha ha

Brian Cramer got us front row seats to hear Jeff Chandler and Ginny Owens sing and worship.  It was definitely a 2009 HIGHLIGHT!!!  Thanks Brian!    I have loved Ginny’s music for years, and so see her and talk with her was such a blessing.  God is good!

Other than all of the above, it was rather an UNUSUAL summer.  My kids are trying to grow up and they aren’t all sure how to do that . . . . . . . . . We went to the pool only ONCE this season.   Well,  I’m sure glad I enjoyed that $600 swim   (ARGGGG)

God is good and all over again, this summer, I have been reminded that HE IS GOD – THERE IS NO OTHER.  He can absolutely be trusted.  When life is hard, He’s there with me.  When people are mean, He is loving.  When no one seems to understand, He knows all my deepest thoughts.   And when I don’t know what to do,  He always does.  I just have to ask Him.   Praise His Name forever!!

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  1. No wonder I didn’t see much of you this summer…girl, you were busy!!! But it all sounded so wonderful…except for the loss of your cat. So sorry. 😦 I am glad you have been given the opportunity to love on a new little kitten though. I am so also glad that you have started blogging again…I’ve missed you! Love you, Mary

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