For all the people with their big plans and huge ideas of what they want to do in a life time – I feel happy for them.  But for me – I want to love people,  live moment by moment, learn to walk in the Presence of the Lord, and be energetic and enthusiastic about the task in front of me, and be at peace. 

So many people seem to have regrets at the end of their life, because they haven’t realized soon enough, what was really important.  Well,  I’d like to suggest, that it’s the little things that ARE important.  Take for example, the man in the shack, on the beach on some island somewhere, who was offered a fine education, a good job, and beautiful home and a lifetime of opportunities, so that when he retires, he can go a buy some little cottage on the beach and live his remaining days peacefully and the way he wants.  I can imagine him saying, ‘Why would I want to do that?  I’ve already got a cottage on the beach and time to do what I want to do!’   O.K.  it’s a simplistic argument, I grant you, but consider this . . . . why do I have to wait until I’m old before I start making wise decisions? 

I already know that the happiest people are those who do not live for themselves, but who pour themselves out into others and a purpose bigger than themselves.  So,  if I follow Christ, and where He leads me, TODAY,  will I not be full of joy, find my waking hours full, and  be useful and a blessing to others? 

Maybe I’m not reaching for the stars, and maybe I am.   Remember the elderly, who wish they had realized earlier to invest their lives in their children, that life was not ALL about work, that the state of their RELATIONSHIPS was more important than the state of their  homes? 

The Lord has promised to give us the wisdom we need when we ask Him.  So, what am I waiting for?  I can say, “Lord, I don’t know what to do in this situation.  Will you show me?”  or “I’m so tired, Lord,  can you show me what’s REALLY important right now, so that I can use the strength that I have for something that is really worthwhile?”

Life can seem so confusing when we have the wrong perspective and the wrong starting point.  I’m writing this, to myself, to remind me, that HE is my starting point.   When I begin with Him,  life makes sense, and I know that everything is going to be o.k.    OH,  sweet  PEACE . . . . . .


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  1. Well said Vicki! This is the shift I have been trying to make in my life for a while now. I love hearing what you have to say. You live what you are talking about here- I see it every time I am with you.

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