Ok – so I confess. I forgot about my blog. I forgot to write down all my experiences and thoughts because I was so busy LIVING them!   So today, I remembered, and then had the horrifying thought, that I couldn’t remember WHERE on the internet that I had been keeping my diary!     I prayed, and looked, and finally HERE I AM again!     God is so gracious to me.     I just didn’t want to believe that all my recorded blog was lost in cyberspace some where.      I’m very thankful.
It’s the 7th of December and after 2 months of really hard work, and a lot of practicing, our Christmas concert is on Sunday night!!       If any of you want to watch it, it is at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time. You go to http://www.midwaycommunitychurch.org and click on the “listen Live” Link.       I’m singing a solo – “Into the Darkness” – a beautiful song written by English singer/songwriter Maggi Dawn.      And playing the piano for almost every other song.       It has been a lot of work, but is really really a blessing to work with such talented musicians, who love Jesus, and want to use their talents for Him.      Bill Massey’s friend, Tim Burle, is coming in to play the electric guitar – He played on stage for Michael Jackson once.     I love the opportunity to play with such fine musicians. Steve Owens plays the most beautiful flute I have ever heard. What a gift!!

Elizabeth is not singing this year. She just really wanted a break. She just stopped singing in the Youth Praise Band in November (2012) after leading worship there for 4 years. Heather is stepping up to learn to lead and to sing harmonies in her sister’s place. I’m very proud of her. Anne has been in England working in Sidmouth this year, and will be home next week. I can’t wait to see my girl – I know she has grown in the Lord so much, during her time of service, and what a blessing she has been to me, writing me letters, and talking on Skype. It’s wonderful to see your children walking in faith in the Lord!
Frank has really got “stuck in” here this year. He is now helping Marc (the youth pastor) with the youth activities, and sometimes teaches Sunday School. He is constantly reading theology books and I’m so glad he wants to grow and to learn.
I have put the piano in the breakfast room, and there are white lights all around the windows. The Christmas tree is up – thanks to Heather, who brought up all the decorations. For once, we actually had the 2 advent calendars hanging up BEFORE December the 1rst!!!      My children are such a blessing.
Elizabeth is just about to finish the 100th square of her knitted blanket, for James’ Christmas present. Wyatt did not want them to date until she turned 18. Well, she is 18, she worked hard and passed her G.E.D. last month, and has a certificate to prove it, and now she’s babysitting, and deciding what to do next. This is extremely random, but I’m just trying to write down where we are now, so that I can start to keep up to date with weekly snippets of our little lives here in Georgia.

Oh, Wyatt is travelling to Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama, and will return on the 17th of December. He will arrive at the Atlanta airport in his rental car, about the same time that Anne flies in from London! What a great reunion I’m looking forward to having. Frank and Elizabeth are now the BEST of friends, and Biff is often taking Heather places. I have so much to be thankful for.
I have put lights above my bed – they are now selling the large, old fashioned, coloured Christmas lights, like we had back in the 1960’s.   So I have hung some above my bed, and will probably move them to above Anne’s bed, before she gets back. We are going to try to make the guest room, as homey for her, as we can.    We might take out some of her soft toys, and favorite books, and put them on the shelves, so she’ll feel welcomed and at home again.

O.k. I’m off to bed. I must be a little stressed about the Christmas concert, because my jaw and teeth hurt so badly. I’ve got a mouth guard, to keep my from grinding my teeth when I sleep, and I’m going to have to wear it tonight.    SIGH.

Last night when I was driving home from the church at 10:30 p.m., there were 4 deer crossing Campground Road.    It made me happy to enjoy seeing them, and even happier to not hit them!

I think about my sweet Mother every day, and pray she is well. Not too lonely. And living with joy and purpose. She has been such a great example to me, and I pray that I might resemble her in strength and courage and the ability to laugh at myself.

So many highlights of this year. I’ll have to write more later. Till next time, Vicki

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