Dear mother,

I stayed up and watched the whole thing, plus I got the message in time so I didn’t miss the first thirty minutes. 🙂

Everything was so amazing and worshipful, but I must point out that you were closing on perfection. Your piano playing has grown so professional and even more beautiful to the ear than ever. Your song was touching and vibrant – it was a good song for your voice. I loved to see you and everyone worship. (and Heather and Brooke in the choir)

I really wish it was a week from now already, it almost feels like the count down to Christmas. Please take care of yourself now and rest up. Since you’ve been pushing yourself and working so hard, make sure to take things extra slow, okay? You know that I will help you do things, and Elizabeth and FW can help out with driving, so please relax with a good phone call to your mother, warm blankets, a purring Jenny, and a good cup of something warm over the next few days.

Love you lots,

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