Has is REALLY been 5 Christmas’ at Midway Community Church?   

Let me just say, I have NEVER felt so inadequate for a service.  But I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard either.  Maybe I just don’t remember?   In my serious inadequacy for the material, I just gave myself completely over to the Lord (hopefully I do that daily – but somehow, when we are more aware of our weakness, we run more quickly into His loving arms) and HE did it all.  Songs that I struggled with came together.  To God be all the glory.  I pray that some one who was there tonight was deeply touched in their soul, and came running along with me, into His arms.  

So many highlights from today.  This morning’s service was also a great time of praise.  None of us were feeling very well, and most were tired and perhaps we collectively leaned more heavily on the Lord.  We practiced during Sunday School, and Cheri so warmly expressed her love for all of us – it was a bonding and precious time for us girls.   So much mutual care and genuine support.  I only hope the tech team enjoyed such sweet fellowship!  They worked so hard so that it could all happen smoothly and sound good!

SO MANY HIGHLIGHTS.     Bill, and his ever patient, AMAZING multi tasking ability – Is there another man in existence who can do it this well?   Steve, and his sweet flute.   Tim Burle and his superb electric guitar skills.    Amy Cozad, playing her rich violin with a crying baby hanging onto her ankles.  Will Massey, growing a beard so he could be a very convincing Joseph.    Pam Hopkins, bringing me an orange to practice so I’d have something to eat.   Tim saying “Is it plugged in?”    Reed, remembering to play the sleigh bells at the end of Cheri’s song.   Bill Massey, for knowing how to get the best out of each of us.  Kenny, for working hard, when he usually doesn’t have to.   The Midway children, who sang gorgeously, and then were adorable cute, shouting for the someone to move off of the stage, who was rather enjoying being on it.     Apparently, there was a darling little baby Jesus ( could it have been a Massey baby?)  who raised her hands, at exactly the appropriate moment of Pam’s song – obviously destined for a life in ministry.   

I must also say thanks for the BEST kids in the world.  I gathered them all together as soon as their Dad left,  last Monday morning, and said that this might be the hardest week of my year and that I would need all their support and understanding.   They encouraged me and each other, emptied dishwashers, drove places so I wouldn’t have to, and were just generally extremely understanding.   You guys ROCK!!   Anne, you were my gifted email encourager and I thank God for your focus on Christ Himself, and for helping me to stay focused.   I love you all.  

Let’s be like Abraham, and set up some stones here, as a memorial.  Remember that God is faithful.  That He ALWAYS keeps His promises.   And that He LOVES it when we depend totally on Him.  

To God be the glory, forever and ever.  Amen. 

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