It really has been a great Christmas. While watching movies, and reading stories which portray those who suffer hardship financially during this time of year, or have serious relationship issues or life direction crises (which are all common themes at Christmas) I got to thinking about what it is that MOST of us deal with at this time of year.

We can fall into the commercial trap, which of course Charlie Brown warned us against.   Often, however, it is more a case that we forget to be intentional, using this time of year to love and give and share the love of Christ with others.    We are mediocre and cruising through the traditions and events without choosing to make a difference.      I know this could sound all very cliche, and obvious, but really, it helps me to say it out loud.

To formulate my thoughts and say with Meg Ryan (on You’ve Got Mail) – “Whatever else it is, it should START by being PERSONAL!”

Today matters. Loving people and choosing not to be mediocre is an exciting way to live.     It will stretch me beyond where I am comfortable, and I will have to trust God.

And that’s a good thing.

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