When your children are small, there are so many demands crying for your attention.  When your children are older, or even grown up, their needs are bigger, more complex, and yet they do not always ask for help.  I guess that’s why you have older children, when you are older – so hopefully you have the accumulated life lessons and wisdom to not go charging into their lives with your mouth open.

Sometimes I wish they would still come to me with a sore finger and ask me to make it better again.  I would hug them, clean it, kiss it, put a bandaid on it, and then pray for quick healing.  After the hug and the bandaid, they would usually feel much better and run off to play.

I still want to be there for my older children, of course, but wisdom says that I need to wait until the Lord opens the door and gives me an opportunity to be a blessing and a help to them.  This may be the single hardest thing I have ever had to do.        I pray.        I cry.        I wait.               I feed them when I can 🙂              and then I pray some more.               And wait.

I realize that while I’m waiting, the most important thing is for me to stay close to the Lord, in His Word, praying all the time, and then asking, “What can I be doing to serve others, in the meantime?”   Obviously idleness does NO ONE any good.  Certainly not me.   I am to renew my mind with the Word of God daily, knowing that without His guidance and perspective, I am going to get it all wrong.

If I’m not intentional about staying in the Word, then I get distracted.  I’m embarrassed to say how easily.  Sisters, let’s encourage each other to love our husbands and children, and to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, Who is the One Who can show us how we should love them best.

Because when He gives me an opportunity to love and serve and guide my children, I want to be ready.  

You might be knee deep in laundry today, or wiping sticky fingermarks off of the window.  I might be working at my desk, preparing a meal or working on music for the next church service.  But we can depend upon it.  He will show us how to do it all well, and for His glory.

While I’m waiting, how about a cup of coffee, and we can share what we’re learning . . . . . . .

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