tumblr_mu0fce0tb31s6oboso1_250So,  what do you do when your creative side is crying out for recognition, and to soar into what God created you to be and to do?  I’ve come to the conclusion, that because all people are sinful, and therefore naturally selfish, that they are not looking to promote the good or the talent or the best that is in me, and is possibly yet undiscovered.  I’m not being cynical, only realistic.  Surely we want to promote and encourage and cheer and bless the good in others, but we cannot expect them to do it for us.  Maybe the levels of untapped (or just unused) talent  in me is for God’s glory alone.  I am made in His image, and since the goal of my life is to bring glory to God, then I can logically say that any passion, talent or interest that He has put in me, should be used for His glory.   No one else might see it.   And that’s o.k.   If a fish gives glory to God by swimming, and the sun gives glory to God by rising every morning, then perhaps it should be my JOY to do what He made me to do – for others, when I can – but primarily for Him alone.   He is my audience of one.  The passion of my heart is to love Him – with the passionate, creative, cosy soul that He has made on purpose and placed inside of me.  He could have put it inside some one else.  But He didn’t.  So I had better use this day, this hour, this moment, and pour this soul into loving my Creator God, who “gets it”, when no one else does. 


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