Hi there sweet mother,

I am missing you so very much.  This has certainly been the most crazy year of my life, to date.  All that has happened, and now just so busy with family and Christmas and church and Emmanuel & Associates and students.   May I please take a holiday and come to you?     Hopefully I will know something soon.  I would like to have that to look forward to.  To seeing YOU.  
Tonight was prayer meeting, and all the children came to help decorate the tree in the foyer.  Then choir practice.  
Are you feeling any better at all?   
I am going to the eye doctor in the morning.  I’m going to get some special glasses, JUST for playing the piano.  Didn’t Dad go through a period, when he had a hard time seeing his music clearly?   I seem to remember something like that.  Hopefully they can have the glasses ready for me soon, to get me through this next 11 days til the program.  
Good news is that Anne is coming home.  Frank finishes this semester of college on Monday with his last exams.  He finally figured out the Georgia system, and the gov’t has paid all but $300 of his next semester.  I am SO thankful.  Also, Elizabeth (with a little loan from her Dad) was able to buy the car that she has been driving around for years, when she nannied in our neighbourhood.  She loves it so much and I am happy for her.  It’s a BIG safe car.  Heather is following the Lord with her whole heart, working hard at violin, guitar, piano and voice.  So funny that she was the one who did NOT seem musical as a little child.  
O.k.  I’m off to bed.  I will try to call you when I get home from the eye appointment.  
Love you so much.  Give everything over to the Lord.  Again and again, if you need to.  
Let Him wash over you with His incredible love.  He sees everything, and understands.   

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