Can’t believe another year is gone.  I’m sitting at my computer – surrounded by the laughter of my children and their friends playing games in the living room.   Such a sweet time.

Such a great year in so many ways.  Trina cleaned for me all year, and it sure helped my relationship with my family, to have some one come in and do the regular clean.   Sigh.  It was lovely.

Lots of health issues and discovery.  I had lots of tests and know that I have IBS now, and a hyatus hernia so am learning to understand how to live with these issues. Had 2 oral surgeries (to remove bottom wisdom teeth) in 4 weeks, and my recovery time was another 12 weeks.   Crazy.  Frank broke his tibia, and had surgery in July, and has been working on getting his leg strength back ever since.   Mom broke her hip a few weeks ago, and is now in Peace Arch Hospital recovering.    Heather passed her GED tests and is headed to New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin for one year of Bible College.  Anne is struggling a little – A self-diagnosis makes life’s possibilities look so different, and we are wondering where this will lead.  Elizabeth and James moved into an apartment on Hwy 9 in the summer, and I think the space has been wonderful for them.

A highlight of my year was playing for Rachel (Weeks) and James wedding. I wrote cello parts, and prepared the beautiful music that she had chosen, and then just enjoyed playing it with Ruth the cellist.   Some people kindly said it was the best wedding music they had ever heard.

Another highlight was finally getting to return to the UK for ministry along side of my husband!   And you know what,  I fell in love with him all over again!   We fell in love, being good at doing ministry together, and it was so wonderful to work along side of him.  To be reminded of his amazing passion for the the lost, his fantastic and practical ideas, and his determination to do whatever it takes.

The parents of my students have been very patient with me this year!   I had to be on codeine for 12 weeks, because of my surgeries, and incredibly sore jaw.  I missed a lot of lessons, while recovering, and when I did start to teach, Anne had to drive me because of the codeine.   My teaching families just hung with me through it all.  Then came the withdrawal.   Something I never want to have to do again.  It was so awful.   Kenny, at church, said about our praise team, “Now we’re just like every other band in America – we have an ex druggy! ”     Yes,  sad and funny, but true.

What was my goal for 2015?    It was the “Year of the Organized House!” Yes, I do this every year.  In 2013 I learned how to teach music well, created a system and a style, and have been going for it ever since.   In 2014 I learned how to knit socks.  Yes, I knit them quite well, but have pretty much given up on knitting anything else.  Ask my girls.   Not too good at sweaters . . . . . . . . . Ok, back to 2015.   Does my house look organized?   No, but I am settling into being Wyatt’s personal assistant, and am definitely improving in these areas of organization.  Sending out receipts, cards, letters, pictures, and gifts.

This year, 2016 will be the year of the organized BASEMENT.  It’s the only way it’s going to happen – if I focus on it.   Maybe some hyper focus is necessary here?   Ha ha.

This coming year, instead of teaching almost every day, I have moved all of my students to Mondays and Tuesdays, so I can be at home more, as well as help Wyatt more.  Hoping I can handle the busy-ness of it.

Praying that more than anything else, I will seek Jesus this year, stay in His Word and seek to follow Him with my whole heart.   He brought us through 2015, and I know He is already in 2016, preparing to make all things beautiful and to be our Helper and our Guide.  Praise His Name!







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