Looking at Psalm 1 this morning, I noticed something I had never seen before.  Verse three says this, “He will be like a tree, firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season.  And its leaf does not wither . . . ” (NASB)  Clearly it’s talking about the person whose delight is in the Lord and who loves the Word of God.  

I grew up in White Rock, British Columbia – a gorgeous seaside town.   Besides a gorgeous old fir tree, from which hung my swing (thank you Daddy), we also enjoyed four fruit trees. Two were pear trees and two were apple. These fruit trees were healthy and like faithful friends they produced a large crop of fruit each year when it was time for them to do so.  I remember boxes upon boxes of apples and pears down in our cool basement every year when the harvest came in.  Did they continue to bear fruit all year long?  No, of course not – but notice this – their leaves were not withered the rest of the year either.   The trees were healthy, preparing to bear fruit when it was time.  When there were leaves on the branches, they were green and lush.    There were flowers prior to the visual developing of the fruit.   And when there were neither flowers or leaves, the sap was running richly through the veins of the trees.   

Sometimes I wonder why there is no visible fruit in my life.  I ache to be useful and for my meaningful purpose to be evident to all.   This is when I must ensure that the sap is flowing through my veins.  Is my inner life healthy and connected to the Life of God, through His Word on a moment by moment basis?    If no fruit is evident on the branches, am I still connected to the vibrant, living Christ?    He will bear fruit in my life when He knows it is time to do so.  

Read John 15: 1-6 with me.  We must abide in Christ.  If we do not, our branches will wither up and be of use to no one.  When we abide in Christ, our branches WILL bear fruit at the proper time.    Our job is to stay close to Jesus Christ.  His job is to develop the fruit at the right time.   If we see no visible fruit, does that mean He is not at work in our lives?  No!   He is at Work.  Trust Him.  Depend on Him.  And purpose in your heart to remain CLOSE to Him.   My heart will be encouraged when I remember that He IS working, whether I can see what He’s doing, or not.    God’s Word is Life to my Soul and Energy to my Inner Life.    He is my Reason for getting up every morning.     Don’t miss this.            Anything else but HIM is not enough.  

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