Here I am, sitting at my blog post and trying to decide how to write about what is affecting my life so deeply right now!   I am moved to awe.   Last year was a rough year for me, a shadowy place, if you will, and yet, here I am, through no goodness of my own, filled to overflowing with blessing in my life, only 3 weeks into the New Year!  

My girl, Elizabeth is due to deliver a baby any day now.  She’s a week overdue, and being a first time Grandmother, I admit to being a little impatient!  A thought has been mulling around in my brain this January.  I’ve been thinking about the amazing concept that we are always ready for life.  We are always ready for life!  My mother lives 2800 miles away and yet everyday, the residents of her seniors home ask her, “do we have a baby yet?”   When people die, or sad things happen, we deal with it because we have to, and when we have to.  But life?  We celebrate all that brings life and all the new life we see.  In spring we see the light green leaf buds on the trees and rejoice.   The daffodils pop out of the ground in March or April and we delight in them!   And a new baby?  Well, my notifications are constantly dinging today, with people asking me if our baby has arrived yet!!

I believe it has something to do with the HOPE that we all need so badly.  Last year I must have gone to the doctor ten times, in hopes that someone would tell me why I was gaining weight.  I not only wanted answers but I wanted a solution!  I repeatedly heard the same thing from health professionals.  “You don’t want to look like you are sixteen.  Get used to having a bit more weight on you.  It’s just your age. Most women at your time of life go through this sort of change.”   I dieted, counted calories and exercised religiously.  I continued to gain weight.  And my heart felt defeated.

On January 1st, my husband told me that he had been praying about my dilemma, and suggested that I contact Bethany, a girl who years ago came on an Emmanuel and Associates Summer GO team, and was now a fitness coach.  I did, and the rest is history.  I have joined BeachBody and completed my first fitness program, and today started on my second.  I have signed up as a coach, and there is no looking back for me.  I want to be able to work from home.  I want to be fit and strong and healthy, so that I am ready to do whatever God puts before me to do.  I went from being resigned to being unwell for the rest of my life, to saying, “I’m going to dig deep.  I’m going to ask God for the help to be the best I can be, for His service and for His glory.”   If you’re reading this, and you would like to take this journey with me, please contact me to talk about your goals.  I am thrilled to be on the path to wellness and life, in the physical realm of my life.  I have hope again.

Of course, my passion has always been to dig deep spiritually.  To dig into God’s Word and to continue to grow daily as a follower of Christ.   To serve Him whole heartedly.  To see others come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.   He is the Ultimate Giver of Life and everything that we call blessing.  I’m going to hang on to Him in 2018.   He has guided me this far, and has promised to guide me through this shadowy place that we call “life on earth.”  One day I will experience Eternal Life that goes on forever.  There will be no shadows there.   For now, we follow the One who is the Light, and watch for glimpses of Him throughout every day.  He is our promise.  Our Hope and our Joy.

He will never leave us in the Shadows, if we call out to Him.   


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