My mother called me from her hospital room tonight.  She sounds happy and peaceful, and I was thrilled to hear her voice.  You see, I am 2,700 miles away from her, across this vast land, and cannot call her!   The reason I can’t call her, is that the only time she turns her cellphone … Continue reading Mother

Seeing His glory

Suffering.  Inner anguish that no one can see.  Pain that goes beyond what words can express.  Longing to make some sense out of the dreams that never came true.   Yes, June has been hard.  Maybe these few weeks have felt so strange because I thought I was supposed to be in England with Anne. … Continue reading Seeing His glory


It really has been a great Christmas. While watching movies, and reading stories which portray those who suffer hardship financially during this time of year, or have serious relationship issues or life direction crises (which are all common themes at Christmas) I got to thinking about what it is that MOST of us deal with … Continue reading Christmas

Golden Lessons

O.k., it was like this.  It had been a long day.  After 10 hours out of the house I arrived home exhausted.  I lay on the floor, too tired to think, unaware of anything.   After a while I realized that my sweet puppy, Shelley, was standing over me, intent watching, ready for any words of … Continue reading Golden Lessons