Wyatt & Vicki

With Wyatt traveling so much, we both appreciate the time we have together. It is a gift to be in the same place at the same time! Couples – please never take this for granted – this short life passes so quickly, and we never know what another day will bring. Love each other for … Continue reading Wyatt & Vicki

My passion

So,  what do you do when your creative side is crying out for recognition, and to soar into what God created you to be and to do?  I’ve come to the conclusion, that because all people are sinful, and therefore naturally selfish, that they are not looking to promote the good or the talent or … Continue reading My passion

Learning to Wait

When your children are small, there are so many demands crying for your attention.  When your children are older, or even grown up, their needs are bigger, more complex, and yet they do not always ask for help.  I guess that’s why you have older children, when you are older – so hopefully you have … Continue reading Learning to Wait