I’m not really sure what will show up here in the days to come.  Any one who knows me, knows that music has been the topic of conversation in every chapter of my life.  More recently (like the past 3 years) I have enjoyed teaching music really for the first time.  I guess you can’t be a student of it for 50 years without wanting to pass some of it along.

Being a music nerd does get me into trouble.  My kids have called me a music snob.  When I walk into a room and try to identify the pitch of the fluorescent lights or the hum of the refrigerator, I even laugh at myself!

I would say I am a learner of all things music, and master of none.  That’s o.k. because there’s a lot more to learn, and hopefully a little time left to do that.  When I get to heaven, maybe my Dad will be the Choir Director and I can just follow his lead.  Worship, worship and worship forever, does sound like heaven to me.  Making music without drawing any attention to myself, and simply pointing to Jesus, Who, incidentally, all the music will be about.  Every genre (with the exception of screamo and wrap – sorry, I like everything else) and I will never get bored.  Ever.