Is it possible?

It seems hard to wrap my head around this life.  And then I remember, “Oh yes, life makes no sense without God.”   King Solomon taught us that in the book of Ecclesiastes. It’s the mystery of the ages.  Poets and songwriters have labored hard on this topic.  I wake up, I wash my face, … Continue reading Is it possible?


It came to me in a whirlwind today, and yet was as still as a quiet whisper in my ear. Get clear on what matters by letting go of what doesn’t.   I was stunned.  I said, “but Lord, everything I’m doing is so worthwhile.  I’m really making a difference! (Aren’t I?)”        And … Continue reading Simplicity

Free Grace!

Wyatt and I just returned from Plano, TX, where we attended the Grace Evangelical Society Conference.   Oh my heart is so full! I’ve been a believer in Jesus Christ for 51 years now, and this week a new concept sunk deep down into my soul.   Why did I not process this before?  I’ve … Continue reading Free Grace!

This is the Day

I remember the day in 1999 when I made this cover.  Someone recently said they would like to hear it, so I’m posting it here.   It reminds me of a very special day.  John and Pat Dryden had been married for years, but wanted to renew their vows, in church, and had a beautiful ceremony … Continue reading This is the Day

The Best Things

Here’s the audio link for those of you following my FaceBook Unwavering Book Study.  After playing with this for TWO hours, I’ve discovered that Face book does not do audio unless the audio is uploaded somewhere else on line.  So after a massive learning curve, ENJOY! Continue reading The Best Things

Ready to Dig Deep

Here I am, sitting at my blog post and trying to decide how to write about what is affecting my life so deeply right now!   I am moved to awe.   Last year was a rough year for me, a shadowy place, if you will, and yet, here I am, through no goodness of my own, … Continue reading Ready to Dig Deep

the challenge of 2017

Yup,  my title pretty much sums up my year.   2017 was a challenge in so many ways.  I’m going to spend a few minutes just writing and remembering.  I don’t want any of these lessons to be wasted (and have to be relearned in 2018!) Yup, I must be at the “difficult” age that society … Continue reading the challenge of 2017


My mother called me from her hospital room tonight.  She sounds happy and peaceful, and I was thrilled to hear her voice.  You see, I am 2,700 miles away from her, across this vast land, and cannot call her!   The reason I can’t call her, is that the only time she turns her cellphone … Continue reading Mother