As of the 3rd of September, I completed the rough draft of my book that I started working on in July.   Although, saying that I started it in July is a bit of a reach.   Really, it was started 55 years ago, when my mother gave birth to a little girl and named her Vicki-Lou.  I can’t express how grateful I am to the Lord, for helping me with this process, or to Karen Furr, who said, “You can do this!”   I am thrilled that sometime in October, my book, which is one of my life’s dreams and goals, will be launched out into the world.  I have recently learned that if I need motivation, then I need to get moving. Accomplishing something good, gives me more motivation to accomplish something else that’s good!  Motivation begets motivation.   Now I am seriously thinking about putting music on ITunes, narrating books on Audible, and about publishing some children’s books.  With God as my Helper and Guide, and my amazing family as my inspiration and reason to press forward, the sky is the limit.   I will only be limited by my faith or rather, my lack of faith, in the One Who makes all things possible.   Glory be to God!   May all of us, step forward into the strength that God gives us, to live for His glory and to do His will.  

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Vicky and Wyatt it’s great to see your story now so available to read. Miss you roommate and may God help your new ventures in books and songs continue.
    God bless you both.
    Love Rhea (nee : Fountain) Corbett

    1. Rhea, how wonderful to hear from you! I love to think about how the Lord blessed me in 1982 with a roomate names Rhea! I pray that the Lord is also blessing your ministry and family there. Love and hugs, V

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