I should be doing a great many things, right now.  Tomorrow is December 1rst, after all, and Christmas is coming.  I’m participating in a Christmas Parade on Friday, and my music recital for my students is on Saturday.  Yes, there are a great many things I could be doing now.  

But stop a moment.  As I looked out my back windows into the woods behind our house, and at our back lawn literally covered with autumn leaves, it reminded me of a “Where’s Wally?” (Waldo for Americans) picture book.  In the maze of autumn colour (I live in the south and it’s still fairly warm), I have to look intensely to see anything out of the ordinary.  Like the three squirrels playing together at the back of the lot.  If I had just glanced out of the window, I would have missed their fun antics entirely.  

This reminds me of an Amy Grant song – she writes “You find what you’re looking for.” Isn’t that the truth?   If we look for angry, disgruntled people we will surely find them. If we make a list of all the things going wrong in our world we can find plenty.  I want to be a GOOD finder.  I want to be intentional about searching for the blessings of God in my life and all around me.  Not so that I can irritate people who will call me “PollyAnna,” but so that I won’t miss all of the good that God puts right in front of my nose every day.  

He has blessed us richly.  I want to be the person who always sees the blessings that have been showered upon me by the living God.  Yes, He’s still in control, no matter what most people may think.   He has a plan, and I would do well to pay attention to Him.  Let’s pretend life is a game of “Where’s Wally?” except instead of trying to find the little guy in the stripey shirt, let’s be GOOD finders.     Search to notice it.    I think if we’re committed to this, we will be delighted and surprised, because God has promised to do exceedingly beyond all that we ask or think or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20) 

What are you looking for?

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